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Sublocus is an underwater inertial navigation system that provides accurate position, velocity and orientation at depths of up to 3000 metres. It features high accuracy north seeking fibre optic gyroscopes, accelerometers, an internal GPS receiver and a pressure depth sensor. It accepts external aiding from speed logs, propeller speeds, DVLs, USBLs, SBLs and LBLs.
High Accuracy

Sublocus features very high performance inertial sensors combined with Advanced Navigation's revolutionary fusion algorithms. This allows it to provide highly accurate position, velocity, roll, pitch and heading. Sublocus can provide underwater position accuracy of 0.08% distance travelled.

Fully Integrated

Sublocus is a fully integrated navigation system and features both a pressure depth sensor and GPS receiver built in. It is supplied with a 6000 metre depth rated GPS antenna. The GPS receiver provides accurate pre-dive starting position without the hassles of surveying and manual entry.

Rapid North Seeking Gyrocompass

Sublocus features an extremely fast north seeking algorithm that is able to provide accurate heading in as little as 10 seconds after power on from a hot start and 10 minutes from a cold start. Sublocus's north seeking algorithm runs continuously while in operation and is not effected by velocities or angular movements.


Sublocus has been designed from the ground up for mission critical control applications where reliability is very important. It's software is built on top of a safety oriented real time operating system and it is designed and tested to safety standards with fault tolerance in place. The electronics are isolated and protected from reverse polarity, overvoltage, surges, static and short circuits on all external interfaces.

Low Maintenance

Sublocus's enclosure is machined from a single block of high grade titanium and it has only one triple sealed join. It is polished to make it resistant to biofouling. Sublocus uses FOG technology which means there are no moving parts.


Sublocus has support for a wide range of peripheral inputs including speed logs, propeller speeds, DVLs, USBLs, SBLs and LBLs. If Sublocus doesn't support the peripheral device you have, we will add support for it free of charge.

Oil and Gas

Sublocus can save significant money when used on ROVs in the oil and gas industry. Sublocus allows ROV operators to drive directly to underwater structures without having to search for them, saving time and money. Additionally the spatial awareness that Sublocus provides the operator allows for faster and safer operations with a lower risk of collisions.


Sublocus is ideally suited for oceanography and underwater surveying. It provides high accuracy absolute positioning which allows the user to map subsea features. Additionally the high accuracy orientation it provides allows for geotagging of projected camera footage.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Sublocus is an excellent choice for navigation of autonomous underwater vehicles. It's high accuracy and safety conscious design makes it ideal for control use. It provides the ability to perform stationkeeping, obstacle avoidance and fully autonomous waypoint control.


Sublocus is an excellent reference for underwater research vehicles. It's extensive peripheral support and guarantee to add support for any new peripheral means that experimental sensor technologies can be integrated in Sublocus's solution.

Position Accuracy
(With GPS)
0.8 m
Position Accuracy
(With DVL)
0.08 % of distance travelled
Position Accuracy
(With Log)
0.4 % of distance travelled
Depth Accuracy0.4 m
Roll & Pitch Accuracy0.01 °
Heading Accuracy0.25 ° secant latitude
Heave Accuracy5 % or 0.05 m
(whichever is greater)
Attitude RangeUnlimited
Hot Start Time2 s
North Seeking Time< 60 s
Internal Filter Rate1000 Hz
Output Data RateUp to 1000 Hz
Pressure Sensor Range4000 m
Pressure Sensor Accuracy0.4 m
Acceleration±10 g
Angular Velocity±490 °/s
Gyroscope TechnologyFOG
Bias Instability0.05 °/h
InterfaceRS232 or RS422
Speed4800 to 10M baud
ProtocolAN Packet Protocol, NMEA or TSS
Peripheral Interface2x GPIO and 2x Auxiliary RS232
GPIO Level5 V or RS232
GPIO FunctionsDVL Input
SBL Input
USBL Input
LBL Input
Log Input
NMEA input/output
AN Packet Protocol input/output
Packet Trigger Input
TSS Output
Simrad 1000 Output
Simrad 3000 Output
Custom inputs/outputs as required
Depth Rating3000 m
Operating Voltage18 to 50 V
Input Protection-40 to 100 V
Power Consumption
6 W
Hot Start Battery Capacity> 24 hrs
Hot Start Battery Charge Time30 mins
Hot Start Battery Endurance> 10 years
Operating Temperature-40 °C to 75 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C to 75 °C
MTBF> 50,000 hrs
Shock Limit25 g
Dimensions138x138x131 mm
Weight in Air5.8 kg
Weight in Water3.9 kg
Direct Link
Sublocus Datasheet
Sublocus Reference Manual
Sublocus 3D Model PDF