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Advanced Navigation will be exhibiting at Oceanology International in March 2018. Oceanology International is a world leading ocean technology marine science exhibition and conference which will be held in London, UK.  

Advanced Navigation will be showcasing their range of industry leading navigation and positioning products which are used in a wide range of marine applications. Our products are known for their high performance, low weight, small size and minimal power requirements.

If you are interested in finding best in class navigation and positioning solutions, visit Advanced Navigation on booth B350. 

1st February, 2018
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Olex has successfully integrated Advanced Navigation's Spatial INS into their hydrographic survey vessels. Spatial is a ruggedized miniature GPS aided inertial navigation system and AHRS that provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation. It combines temperature calibrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and a pressure sensor with an advanced GNSS receiver.


Olex was seeking a replacement inertial navigation system to integrate into their multibeam sonar mapping systems. They needed more accurate position & orientation data than their existing inertial navigation system could provide and also wanted to make the system more affordable to bring in customers who were previously excluded due to the high costs.


Spatial was chosen amongst other navigation systems because:

  1. Spatial offers better performance than competing systems.
  2. Spatial is much more reasonably priced than other motion sensors in multibeam sonar mapping systems offering the same or lower levels of performance.

Another key advantage of Spatial is its high compatibility with existing systems allowing it to be integrated with Atec, Wassp, HGPS and many other platforms.


The use of the Spatial system resulted in higher accuracy data and better mapping. Precise navigation data is a key focus with Spatial, promising to deliver 0.1 degrees accuracy in pitch and roll, 0.2 degrees in heading, and 5 cm or 5% in heave. All of this is done at an exceptionally competitive price making it a popular choice in the hydrographic survey market.

Experimental testing from Olex demonstrates the easy installation, accurate data & wide range of compatibility of the Spatial system to existing platforms.

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1st January, 2018

Advanced Navigation has recently expanded existing operations in the USA.

This development will result in more direct and dedicated Advanced Navigation sales people who will be better able to service the market. Investing in operations across the USA will result in faster service and more personalised sales. In addition, a new support team based in the USA has also been established providing local customers with faster support.

Advanced Navigation are still unfolding USA warehousing. This will be a significant advantage for both Advanced Navigation and its customers allowing for next day delivery. The aim is to reduce time and shipping delays for the USA market.

1st October, 2017

Advanced Navigation has recently announced the release of their GNSS Compass product.

The GNSS Compass is an all in one dual antenna GNSS/INS that provides accurate heading, position and velocity. All of this is done at a very low price point whilst providing precise figures, making it an accessible choice for many applications.

It is capable of providing accurate heading even during GNSS outages (for up to 20 minutes). This is possible as a result of the INS integration embedded into the product. Additionally, it is not subject to magnetic interference further widening its applications.

It is a plug and play unit that has NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and Ethernet interfaces making it easy to install and use. Advanced Navigation’s GNSS Compass is wheelmark certified for use on commercial marine vessels meeting the required standards of safety and performance across the EU.


  • Fully Integrated Navigation
  • Performance and Interface Options
  • High Accuracy 8mm Positioning
  • Minimized Size, Weight and Price



  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Marine Surveying
  • Antenna Targeting


The GNSS Compass is ideal for all sorts of marine applications including racing yachts, commercial container vessels and recreational vessels. It features plug and play operation for NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 networks. It is wheelmark certified for use on commercial vessels.

Please see the product page at this link for more information.

1st August, 2017

Advanced Navigation has released a document containing detailed results of tests demonstrating the performance of their Subsonus USBL. Several tests were performed under a range of different conditions. The document is available for download from the Documentation section of the Subsonus product page.

22nd July, 2016

Advanced Navigation has announced the release of their GNSS/INS post processing software Kinematica.

Kinematica is easy to use web based GNSS/INS post processing software that allows users to process raw GNSS and inertial data after collection and achieve higher accuracy position, velocity and orientation than is possible in real time.

The software supports kinematic GNSS positioning which provides a 200x increase in position accuracy over standard GNSS with 8mm position accuracy. Dual antenna GNSS heading processing is also supported.

Kinematica processes data in forwards and reverse six times which allows it to fill any satellite outages and ignore errors that would normally affect a real time solution.Both loosely and tightly coupled GNSS/INS processing is supported and the software automatically switches between each mode depending upon the environment.

Kinematica currently supports all of Advanced Navigation's GNSS/INS products.

Kinematica is targeted at surveying, scanning and aerial photography applications that need to squeeze the maximum performance out of their systems.

For more information please see the product page at this link.

22nd January, 2016

Advanced Navigation has announced the release of their new Motus MEMS IMU.

Motus is a miniature ultra high accuracy MEMS IMU. Motus offers FOG level performance of 0.4 degrees/hour bias stability in a package that is just over 1 cubic inch in size and weighs only 26 grams. Motus features the very latest advancements in MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope technology.

Never before has such high inertial performance been available in such a small package. Motus's inertial performance exceeds some FOG IMUs and is up to 100x smaller and 10x cheaper.

Motus is fully calibrated for all sensor errors over a wide temperature range and can be software upgraded to AHRS or INS functionality. It is available in both OEM and enclosed packages.

The product is targeted at UAV surveying applications where very high performance is required with tight constraints on size and weight.

Volume pricing starts from USD 5800.

For more information, please see the product page at this link or contact

30th September, 2015

Advanced Navigation has announced the release of their interface and logging unit. The interface and logging unit (ILU) is a device server that interfaces to any of Advanced Navigation's systems and provides data logging, a web interface, a time synchronisation server and a wide variety of different industry standard data input/output options.

The ILU features 6 RS232/RS422 serial ports, 1 CAN bus, 2 ethernet ports, WiFi and an array of multi-function GPIO pins. All of the interfaces can operate simultaneously with input and output of data in a large selection of different formats. Every single interface is individually optically isolated to prevent grounding issues with other equipment. The system supports both input and output of most major protocols including NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, TSS, Simrad as well as a number of widely used proprietary protocols.

Data logging is supported from both the connected Advanced Navigation device and every other one of its interfaces simulataneously. Data can be automatically timestamped on arrival for easy synchronisation. The system contains 64GB of logging capacity which can allow the unit to log for months.

The ILU functions as an accurate GPS disciplined oscillator and has the capabilities of a full time synchronisation server. Its timing synchronisation outputs include 1PPS, 10 Mhz, hardware PTP as well as a number of other protocol based synchronisation outputs such as NTP and GPZDA.

A rich web interface features live mapping, real time data plotting and full configuration of devices. The ILU supports all of Advanced Navigation's products and the web interface dynamically reconfigures based upon what it is connected to.

The ILU is housed in a rugged marine grade aluminium enclosure that is water proof and dirt proof to the IP68 standard. The system features surge, static, overvoltage, short circuit and reverse polarity protection on all of its interfaces.

For more information, please see the product page at this link or contact

14th May, 2015

Advanced Navigation is pleased to announce the release of their new GNSS/INS Spatial FOG Dual. Spatial FOG Dual is a new variant of the popular Spatial FOG product that features the addition of high accuracy dual antenna heading.

The system operates with two GNSS antennas that are mounted fore and aft on the vehicle. By continuously measuring the phase difference of the GNSS signal received on each of the antennas, it is able to calculate the bearing between the two antennas which provides a very high accuracy heading source. This heading source provides the same level of accuracy in both stationary and moving applications and is not affected by magnetic interference making it more accurate and reliable than single antenna systems and magnetic heading systems.

Spatial FOG Dual features the very latest in dual antenna GNSS technology with the new Trimble MB-One integrated.

The product is targeted at survey applications which can benefit greatly from the increased heading accuracy especially under low dynamics conditions.

For more information please see the product page at this link.

16th April, 2015

Advanced Navigation has announced the release of their air data unit. The air data unit measures pitot airspeed and barometric altitude pressure on fixed wing aircraft. It can be used standalone for air data or connected to one of Advanced Navigation's Spatial series of GPS/INS products for significantly enhanced dead reckoning performance in fixed wing aircraft.

The Air Data Unit features very high accuracy absolute and differential pressure sensors. These are factory calibrated over a wide temperature range to further increase measurement accuracy and provide the best air data possible through varying conditions. On top of factory temperature calibration, every time the air data unit powers up, it performs a self excitation calibration to adjust for small deviations of bias and scaling error. This allows the system to compensate for calibration ageing and means that it never needs to be returned to the factory for recalibration.

The system outputs air data at 20 Hz over an RS232 serial interface and is housed in a miniature rugged environmentally sealed enclosure.

For more information, please see the product page at this link.

19th March, 2015